Good old Jergens lotion still rocks

For whatever reason, as I’ve aged I’ve developed sensitive skin. Long gone are the days when I could wash my face with SNAP followed by lashings of Bonnie Belle’s 1006 astringent. For the first time in my life I’ve even developed eczema issues on my face, neck and chest, in addition to the alligator skin appearing on my arms and legs. I’ve always had good luck with good old Jergens lotion with shea butter but decided to up the ante with a couple of pricier brands of body lotion. Bad idea. I even had a reaction to Cetaphil moisture lotion which is often recommended by dermatologists. To avoid waste and use them up, I persisted but the problems also persisted. When I tried Strivectin neck cream, my neck became so inflamed and irritated it took several days to calm down again.

Bottom line: I’m back to good old Jergens lotion with shea butter. It’s economically priced (i.e. cheap), available everywhere and my skin is once again living happily ever after. That’s my experience and yours might be different, but just thought I’d share.