Capital pays high interest

There's nothing more delicious than tucking into a really good book on a cool, cloudy afternoon. That's what I did today and finished  reading John Lanchester's "Capital", a book about the lives of a cross-section of Londoners faced with 21st century problems in their everyday lives. The book's title references money and how the high price of real estate in a London neighbourhood is a catalyst in each of the characters' lives. The homes on Pepys Road which were affordable when they were built now command insane sums of money.…

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Bad Monkey, good book

When a male friend suggested I read a book by Carl Hiaasen entitled Bad Monkey I was somewhat reluctant. Scanning the premise on the book jacket, it sounded like guy story. Hiaasen resides in Florida and has written a number of books located in various southern cities including Key West and Miami. As I began reading I became increasingly concerned that I was getting into a Miami Vice-type story but I was urged to push on and I'm sooooo glad I did. Bad Monkey is a well-crafted, excellently-written, funny story…

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In praise of cursive writing

Just when I’m thinking I should brush up on my cursive handwriting skills I hear that many schools aren’t even teaching it cursive1anymore. The downside of that brilliant move is that many young people cannot read written documents unless the words appear as type on a tablet, computer, smart phone or printed document.


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Win a free prize in celebration of our 100th posting

Become a follower of BOOMERBROADCAST and you can win a free copy of the hilarious tribute to our generation P.J. O'Rourke's, The Baby Boom Click the little box that says Follow (you will then have to sign on for the WordPress software which is the blogging software - and it's safe and easy) on our Home Page and: 1. You will automatically receive notification of each new posting on BOOMERBROADcast as soon as it's published. 2. Your name will be entered into a free draw for a copy of The…

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