Dear John:

John Doyle’s column in the arts section of The Globe and Mail ( is always interesting because he reviews television and I like television – at least some of it. And I love John because his tastes seem to align with my own so obviously we’re both very clever and perceptive people. Today’s column (Tuesday, September 10, 2013) particularly struck a chord because he mentioned some of my solid dislikes and likes (more…)

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How sweet it is

Listen, Timmie . . . Tim Horton's seems to be ignoring my suggestions that they start carrying that "only in Canada" gourmet taste sensation known as the butter tart. I was able to join Timmie's club a few years ago when they began offering "steeped tea". As a non-coffee drinker I felt left out and found the teabag dunked in a cup of hot water not up to standard. So now I have a Timmie's card with lots of money loaded on to it for quick processing through the drive-through.…

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Those were the days, my friend . . .

Looking Back . . . When I strolled around the CNE on the last day on Labour Day weekend, I couldn't help reminiscing about the time I worked there as a sweet young Boomerbroad in the summer of 1969. I was working for Bell Canada at the time and in those days (before everyone was jaded by Canada's Wonderland) the annual CNE was a big deal. Kids saved their Telly fun cheques to offset the cost of the rides and everyone wanted to climb the Shell Tower to get a…

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The real value of eduction

Max Blouw, Chair of the Council of Ontario Universities and president of Wilfrid Laurier University said it better than I ever could on the op-ed page of  Globe and Mail on Tuesday, September 3rd. (”Universities educate, employers train. (more…)

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