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Take my advice – # 2

Following up my earlier posting Take My Advice and Live Happily Every After, I know my readers have been waiting anxiously for the next installment, so here it is. Take Care of Yourself First We’re all familiar with the airline safety procedure telling us to put the oxygen mask over our own face before that of children. The benefits may seem obvious to most of…

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Commercial success

Every once in a while there’s a commercial on TV that resonates with us and reminds us that maybe there still is a bit of imagination and creativity left in the advertising business. We still love to yell, “Start the car, start the car” when we score a bargain, thanks to IKEA. My friend Margaret just sent me a great one from the Canadian employee-owned…

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A reminder to remember

One of my first blog posts, “My kinda’ gun control” was in support of a gun amnesty program in Newark, New Jersey that began under the leadership of Corey Booker. As the anniversary of the horror of #Sandy Hook approaches, I think it is worth bringing the issue forward again. The Caliber Foundation dismantles guns seized by police or surrendered during amnesty programs and recycles…

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