Don’t never talk to strangers

Yes. It's a double negative, intentionally. Now that I'm retired and not rushing head-down in a panic all the time, I have more time to observe life and in particular, to people-watch. This new preoccupation has led to an increase in my engaging strangers in quick conversation which usually takes the form of a comment as I'm passing by. Food courts seem to be particularly conducive to making new friends. Yesterday as I was enjoying my fast-food lunch at Sherway Gardens, I kept watching the young woman sitting at the…

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My heart goes out to Sarah Millican and everyone else who isn’t a size 0

Jann Arden tweeted the other day about British comedienne Sarah Millican being trashed for wearing a particular dress while making a presentation at the BAFTA Awards (similar to the Gemini's in Canada and Emmy's in the U.S.) that was deemed by the pond scum who think they are the last word in fashion to be unflattering. For those of you who are not familiar with Sarah Millicen, she's brilliantly funny, self-deprecating, pretty and genuinely nice. What more is necessary? I've had the good fortune to catch her guesting a couple…

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