Multi-tasking is not the best use of time

Science is now confirming what we've long suspected—that multi-tasking is not only an overrated virtue but can in fact be counter-productive. Women in particular have been brainwashed to think we should be able to juggle work, home, community and social activity balls simultaneously and efficiently without dropping a single one in order to be deemed successful mothers, wives and human beings. Well, it's all bull crap. Multi-tasking only results in an outcome that is less than it could or should be. This realization prompted me to dig up a posting…

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Support is growing for truth in advertising

Another women's fashion business has aligned itself with a growing list of companies pledging to not drastically alter images of their models in print and website advertising. On-line retailer ModCloth, based in San Francisco has promised to not "materially change the way a person looks" other than for such things as to erase flyaways in a hairdo or correct bad lighting. No longer will their models' shape, skin colour or physical proportions be altered through computerized editing techniques such as PhotoShop. Well, that's a breath of fresh air. Their clothing…

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Grasping at skinny straws for solutions

Boomer broads are never at a loss for excuses about we're always a few (or more) pounds overweight: I'm big-boned; it's hereditary; it's my thyroid; I don't have time to exercise, or simply, I just love cookies and ice-cream. Well, my dears, your Boomerbroadcaster has come through with the definitive word on why it's not our fault. It all has to do with city planning. You see, a recent research study of twenty-four cities in California by several university engineering professors concluded that the reason we're all becoming obese and…

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Birkies are back

All the fashion mags are currently featuring runway shows by big-name designers like Gucci with models wearing amped up Birkenstocks—yes, those comfortable earth-mother shoes once associated only with granola eaters and lesbians. My own reaction is when did they ever disappear? I'm reasonably cool and my Boomer girlfriends are über-cool and we've always loved to shop in the comfort of Birkenstocks, Mephistos or similar feet-friendly attire. We have about-town walking-out comfortable shoes and when our Birkies are past their prime they make great slippers for around the house. My own…

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The joy of menopause . . . the honest-to-goodness truth

Last week as I was watching Bill Maher on HBO, he invited author, speaker and performance artist Sandra Tsing Loh to join the panel at the half-way point in the show. This is usually when the new guest often has a book to promote. More than once I've enjoyed this part of the show so much I've gone on-line and ordered the book immediately and that's exactly what happened when I downloaded Tsing Loh's The Madwoman in the Volvo on to my Kindle before the show was even over. Subtitled…

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Watch what you feed your best friend

Pet food and treats is an issue that seems to be worth mentioning again as I just read that Costco is still carrying pet treats that have been responsible for kidney failure in animals. There are a number of treats that should be avoided but the most problematic seem to be the ones imported from Asia. There are no federal controls on the content or labelling of pet foods and treats so be very careful about what you feed that special member of your family. I personally know two people…

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