Message received . . . and published

An article by Emma Teitel in the December 22, 2014 issue of Maclean's magazine about smoking in outdoor patios got my back up so I wrote a letter to the editor stating my case. And, they must have thought my comments were worthy of sharing as they published excerpts in their January 15, 2015 issue. In fact, they even took one of my comments as a "pull quote" at the top of the page. Bonus. For those of you who do not get Maclean's here's the link: (scroll down to…

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Beware: Some pet treats can kill

It took awhile but some pet stores in Canada are finally pulling pet treats imported from China from their shelves. I've mentioned the dangers of these products in previous blogs and there has been ample evidence of their dangers covered by consumer television programs but pulling of these products should have happened years ago. Pet owners and veterinarians have reported cases of pets suffering kidney failure and other ailments often resulting in death from ingesting chicken, jerky, duck and sweet potato treats imported from China and other Asian countries. The…

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Freeze fat away

An article in the December 2014/January 2015 issue of MORE magazine had my little heart beating with excitement. According to MORE, my fat comes in three colours (brown, beige and white) and by changing beige or white fat to brown fat I could get skinny again. Well, you know the old saying, "if it sounds to good to be true . . ." but I did manage to salvage some hope from the premise. To back up a bit, brown fat is good fat, like good HDL cholesterol. White fat…

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Blowing off Boomers

Emma Teitel is regular columnist in Maclean's Magazine who represents the voice of Canadian millennials, in case the rest of us don't hear their whining. Her contribution to the December 22, 2014 issue entitled "Boomers: Do as I say, not as I did" had smoke coming out of my ears. Teitel condemns the new Ontario law that bans smoking on restaurant and bar patios and the sale of tobacco products on college and university campuses. She attacks self-righteous Boomers for instituting a "nanny-state" that selectively denies millennials and young people…

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Joy to the World . . . I got carded

Sadly, most Boomers are past the age we need to show I.D. when buying liquor. But at the other end of the scale, we now qualify for seniors' benefits in many establishments such as movie theatres and retail stores. The age requirement can vary anywhere from fifty to sixty-five depending on where you live and where the purchase is being made. When I first started dating my husband he would request seniors' tickets at the movies. Too vain and nervous to be questioned about my age at the time (I…

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Curses on Black Jack Cherry frozen yogurt

It's not my fault. My husband brought it home the first time, probably because he couldn't resist the name. Then, I made the mistake of tasting Black Jack Cherry frozen yogurt. It's a taste sensation unlike any ice-cream or frozen yogurt concoction I've ever tasted. Anything with nuts or crunchy things in it makes it doubly appealing as the chewing process makes it linger twice as long. Maple walnut, butter pecan, Rocky Road—they all qualify as gifts from heaven but there's something about Black Jack Cherry that puts it in…

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