I am the sum of my shortcomings

Selma Hayek and I are a lot alike. Well, maybe not a lot, but we do have a couple of things in common. In a recent interview with Oprah, Hayek confessed that she never exercises and she eats pork. Combined with her other lifestyle choices, she's not doing too badly despite a few bad habits. Me too. I also never exercise; I eat pork, and I spend far too much time sitting on my gluteus maximus reading and writing. And I'm not grossly overweight (although a ten-pound weight loss would…

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No more alarm clocks

Retirement brings so many delights it's hard to count the ways, but one benefit is particularly sweet. Since I retired I can't recall a single time I've been shocked awake by the clock radio before my body has determined it's ready to get up. Fortunately my honey is a morning-man so if I do have an early appointment I can count on him to wake me up. Monday, January 14, 1980. Pickering, Ontario. 6:28 a.m. Snuggled under the duvet in my bed on a cold dark winter morning, dreaming sweet…

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Timothy Caulfield challenges Gwyneth Paltrow

According to Amazon.ca, Canadian author Timothy Caulfield is "a professor in the Faculty of Law and the School of Public Health as well as research director of the Health Law and Science Policy Group at the University of Alberta. In recent years he has led and collaborated on a number of research projects having to do with the social challenges associated with genomic technologies, stem cell research, and the application of ethics in health sciences. He is a member of the Royal Society of Canada and the Canadian Academy of…

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Back in the saddle again

Did you miss me? The reason I haven't been blogging this week is because I've just lost six days of my life thanks to a vicious virus that had me laid up in bed for longer than I can ever remember. It started with a sore throat on Monday morning and by noon I was flat-out on the sofa, moving later to my bed where I've been holed up in the dark for almost a week. Everything hurt. My hair hurt when I brushed it; my armpits hurt when I…

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What would Steve Jobs say?

Arianna Huffington made an interesting comment on Real Time With Bill Maher this week that echoed something I had been giving a lot of thought to lately. All the hype around the launch of the iWatch left her wondering what Steve Jobs would have thought about Apple's latest release of something "we didn't know we needed". In an earlier blog posting (Feeling uninspired, take a nap) I championed the merits of down-time. Experience has proven that we get our best ideas and think more creatively during periods of idleness or…

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Glad I went to McFarland

Movies about sports aren't usually my first choice but the opportunity of a night out with a couple of girlfriends with a tankful of Diet Coke and bushel of movie popcorn was just too tempting to resist. The movie we went to see is McFarland USA starring Kevin Costner and I particularly liked the fact it is based on a true story set in 1987.  It's the story of a high school physical education teacher and football coach who is dismissed from a series of jobs because of anger issues…

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