What’s the deal with selfies?

The rest of the world must have a whole lot more self-confidence than I do or perhaps they're just incredibly vain because I totally don't get everyone's preoccupation with taking pictures of themselves, a.k.a. selfies. I've tried it a couple of times and after seeing the results I needed trauma counselling. It's one thing to look at yourself in the privacy of your own bathroom mirror but something else to see yourself how others do. Unfortunately, this aversion to selfies excludes me from a number of potential career and lifestyle…

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The devil made me do it . . . and I’m not sorry

I just bought my first-ever Barbie doll. She's not for a grandchild, a niece or anyone else—she's all mine and her name is Hudson's Bay Barbie. For my non-Canadian readers, The Hudson's Bay Company is Canada's oldest department store, founded in 1670 as a trading post. The iconic striped blankets were like cash registers—with the black lines used for measuring the piled height of animal pelts (sorry fellow animal lovers) for trading merchandise by early trappers and settlers. Today, we're more sophisticated; we just pile cash and credit cards on…

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The SEPTEMBER . . . and other irrelevant issues

Most magazines are no longer relevant to me, despite the fact I subscribe to eighteen each month. As a female Baby Boomer, I find it hard to source much in the wide, wide world of media that really rocks my world any more. In fact, with death of MORE magazine last spring and the cancellation of my favourite radio shows (What She Said on SiriusXM and The Judith Regan Show also on Sirius XM—damn you to hell, Sirius), combined with the absence of quality movies that appeal to our demographic,…

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Start the car sweetie dahlings, start the car!

Eddy and Patsy are in town—or more accurately, now in a movie theatre near you, if you're lucky. The long-awaited Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie has finally been released and I can't wait to see it. As a long-time fan of British humour and in particular the BBC series starring Jennifer Saunders and Joanne Lumley on which the movie is based, I'm beside myself with excitement. It's one of the few television series for which I own the entire boxed set of shows dating from 1992. Absolutely Fabulous chronicles the lives…

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‘Tis the season for the fashion fascists

It's spring once more in the world of fashion. That means it's the silly season—time for all the fashion magazines to roll out their latest advice for the great unwashed, the poor, vulnerable idiots like me who consult their hallowed pages for inspiration. Remember last year when they all suggested we should be wearing saucy little rompers or Daisy Duke short shorts? Like millions of other women, I love poring over the glossy pages of Vogue, Elle and similar magazines. The colourful eye candy tantalizes and tempts but rarely convinces.…

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Calling all purse and accessory lovers

It appeared like a mirage—clear but unexpected—a standing sign at the entrance to the Hudson's Bay store in Sherway Gardens Mall in Toronto, announcing the arrival of a new boutique carrying vintage designer purses and accessories. There was some disconnect in my brain as I knew Hudson's Bay didn't ordinarily carry Louis Vuitton, Gucci and other high-end designer brands so I was curious to investigate. Like a bee to honey, I followed my nose to the purse section and sure enough, there they were, tables of lovely handbags and accessories…

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