It’s not easy being a trophy wife

Just ask Melania Trump, our club founder and honorary chief about how difficult it is to always be viewed as nothing more than arm candy. In her wonderful book I Feel Bad About My Neck the late Nora Ephron lamented the exorbitant amount of time and money required to keep ourselves looking presentable as we age. She reckoned the time factor alone would total a full-time eight-hour-a-day job by the time we reach our eighties. Which isn't that far off. The rising cost of personal maintenance as we age is…

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Avoid these 6 fashion mistakes

Who am I to be offering fashion advice! Boomer gals have always been told "If you wore it once before, you can't wear it again". That's the beauty of listening to us—we've been there at least once, made our share of mistakes and are happy to dispense fashion advice to anyone who will listen. So, if you're willing to listen, I'm going to share six fashion mistakes I've made over the years and strongly suggest you not repeat them. Jumpsuits or rompers: Several decades ago, an old boyfriend gave me…

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Boomer girls just wanna look good

A couple of weeks ago I introduced Boomerbroadcast followers to a great fashion website and Facebook page for our demographic—Susan After Sixty. I've now found a couple more that I think you would enjoy: Style At A Certain Age Style Your Way to Success Over 50 The fashion mags continue to ignore our age group so I'm always delighted when I find fashion sites that offer some inspiration for those of us who aren't stick thin and six feet tall. Most of us have finally figured out what does and…

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The girlfriend grapevine is constantly growing

When girlfriends are on to a good thing, we share. If we find flattering jeans that fit our Boomer bodies, we tell everyone we know where to get them at the best price. We share recipes, the names of our favourite underwear brands (SOMA), favourite mascara (Lancôme Hypôse) and pretty much everything but our men. (We've invested too many years training them to our personal requirements.) There's a section in my blog inspired by Oprah called My Favourite Things which I haven't added to lately and is now going to…

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Is fashion advertising hitting the mark?

The anticipation of diving into my Sunday edition of The New York Times is what motivates me to get out of bed on Sunday mornings. It's the size of a fire log and nearly as heavy, landing on my doorstep in the dark early hours wrapped in a thin plastic bag. I can't wait to pour a big mug of hot tea, toast my only-on-the-weekends white artisan bread topped with home-made strawberry jam or unpasteurized honey and sit down at the kitchen table for my weekly love-in. Laying out the…

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What on earth was The Hudson’s Bay Company thinking?

All I want for Christmas is not Mariah Carey. The marketing people at The Hudson's Bay Company should have their Canadian citizenship revoked. My sense of national pride has been replaced by outrage over their recent selection of American "superstar" Mariah Carey to unveil the new Christmas (yes, I said Christmas, not holiday) windows in their downtown stores at Queen and Yonge Streets in Toronto. Founded more than three hundred years ago as a fur trading institution, The Hudson's Bay Company (the Canadian equivalent of Macy's) is one Canada's oldest…

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