Watching the purse wars from the front lines

Purses are my Achilles heel. When I retired I was given an exquisite designer purse by my employer which made me far happier than any gold watch ever could have. It is therefore with a great deal of interest that I've been following the stock market duke-out between major purse purveyors Coach and Michael Kors. And, ironically it was my husband who brought it to my attention. Last week I went into a Coach store to purchase a new 2015 refill for the Coach daytimer I bought at their outlet…

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Here we go again ladies

It seems they're not listening to me so I'm going to keep condemning companies that continue to glorify grossly Photoshopped, tall thin bodies as being the ideal. Not surprisingly, Victoria's Secret is taking a lot of heat about their new campaign entitled "The Perfect Body" that shows unrealistic body shapes as being the standard perfect body we should all strive for. While I never shop at Victoria's Secret as I'm not a fan of their frou frou frillies and the uncomfortable fit, I think they're losing hundreds of thousands of…

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