Should we allow Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft to get off with a time-out?

When I saw the picture in The New York Times of the "Day Spa" where Patriots' football team owner Robert Kraft met his Waterloo the other day, I was amazed at how innocuous the storefront appeared. Situated in a nondescript suburban strip plaza, the spa advertised waxing and facial treatments as well as the more nebulous services of massage therapy and body treatments. Yikes! I could have easily entered such a place to get my eyebrows waxed without knowing it was fronting a "rub n' tug". Life's full of risks.…

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Becoming Michelle Obama is inspirational and insightful

How does a lowly little blogger like me properly do justice to a lady like Michelle Obama? Santa brought me a hardcover copy of her memoir "Becoming" and although it was a hefty read, it was worth it. Like Tara Westover (author of Educated) and J.D. Vance (author of Hillbilly Elegy), Michelle Robinson Obama is a product of humble beginnings and hard work, always a fascinating subject for me. While she didn't endure the same challenges as Westover or Vance, she faced the constant underlying obstacle of being born black in…

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Triple feature: Movies for baby boomer audiences

The two months leading up to the annual Oscar ceremony in Hollywood is pretty much the only time of year movies are released that appeal to baby boomers. From December to mid-February there are actually some decent movies in theatres that don't involve monsters, wall-to-wall violence, sci-fi, zombies or irreversible annihilation of the planet. I've recently viewed three movies up for awards that I think you might find interesting: VICE: Christian Bale is a chameleon. His characterization of former Vice-President Dick Cheney is stunning and so different from the Irving…

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How does he love me? Let me count the ways

With Valentine's day on the horizon, it serves me well to remember that I'm a very lucky girl. Every day my honey demonstrates his love in so many ways I can hardly count them. Today, for example, he took me out to lunch—treating me at a restaurant where they offered a two-for-one special, until the 25th of the month. He didn't even ask me to pay my share and we had enough leftovers to bring home for dinner—four meals for the price of one. He's so thoughtful like that. I'm…

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2019 Super Bowl vindicates this non-fan of football

Let me be absolutely clear right up front; I have zero interest in and no knowledge or understanding of football. In my opinion it's a violent, concussion-inducing game right up there with cage fighting. Any time I've tried to watch a game I'm bored to tears within four minutes watching overpaid fat guys run a few yards and fall down, or more often, get knocked down—then, get up, only to run and fall down again. I can think of four hundred things I'd rather be doing with my time than…

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When fashion’s in, I’m out. When I’m in, fashion’s out

You would think by now I'd have a pretty good handle on what works best for me, fashion-wise. For the most part I do, at least with the basics. My tastes lean more toward classic with splashes out in accessories—hence the big red glasses, and blue ones, and pink ones, and tortoise shell ones with yellow arms. I'm generally not a slavish follower of trends, usually dragging my comfortable-height heels until I'm absolutely sure the trend is going to become a classic. I thought that was the case with skinny…

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