10 Reasons I’m glad I’m Canadian

In celebration of Canada Day I’m re-posting a piece I wrote in July 2014 about why I’m proud to be Canadian. Watching the scary goings-on in the United States, the Middle East and other parts of the globe, it’s obvious the world is, never has been and probably never will be a peaceful place. There’s always an egocentric dictator or political group trying to make history by making trouble. These events constantly serve to remind me that we won the lottery being born in Canada. Here are just 10 of…

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Are the fashion experts crazy or am I?

Call me a bitch but one of my favourite old lady past-times is sitting in my LaZgirl chair mocking and debunking the fashion advice I see on television and in many 'women's' magazines. I love watching CITY TV's CityLine as well as CTV's The Marilyn Denis Show and The Social. I truly enjoy those shows but lordy lordy, am I the only one who thinks much of their fashion advice is a lot of hooey? To their credit, many of the models and makeover candidates featured have normal (a.k.a. not…

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Tim Horton’s franchisees aiming for a shoot-out

I knew it. I just knew things would go south (literally) when Tim Hortons was taken over by American parent company Restaurant Brands International. RBI also owns Burger King and Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen. How can a company with holdings like those possibly understand what Timmie's means to Canadian culture? When the takeover happened in 2014, I was concerned Timmie’s would lose its Canadian identity and become just another amorphous American fast-food chain. In fact, I blogged about the issue in September 2015. Click here to read Is Timmies still a…

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Dear Mr. Gates: It’s me again, Lynda, for the umpteenth time

Obviously I'm directing my letters to the wrong person as Bill Gates hasn't returned any of my emails. Dear I.T. God-in-heaven, whoever you are, I'm at my wit's end. Trying to manage my I.T. issues is the single largest source of stress in my life (I know, relatively speaking I'm blessed, but still . . .).  You would think that after all these years, technology would be getting simpler not more complicated. I'm convinced my hair loss, weight gain and skin rashes are entirely the result of the stress from…

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Trump was right. Who knew it could be so complicated?

Sometimes, we just need the noise to stop. The Syrian crisis, the threat of nuclear war with North Korea, Putin's crimes against humanity and the ongoing terrorist threats scare the crap out of me. Then, we have escalating trade wars, racism and climate change denial. Not to mention Trump's lies and regressive new laws that completely disregard the ordinary person and the future of our planet. When the news starts I get a knot in my stomach so I turn off the television or radio. As I sit looking out…

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Mother Nature can be very unkind to Boomer women

This morning I tried on all my summer pants. It did not go well. Extensive therapy may be required, followed by copious quantities of wine, or more likely the other way around which doesn't help the situation. At the very least, I'm looking at another extended spell at Weight Watchers. A recent essay in The Globe and Mail about the horror of trying on and buying a bathing suit (click here to read Is the perfect bathing suit possible?) resonated deeply. Writer Leslie Hill is sixty-seven years old and I…

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