Scotiabank’s 2016 Giller Prize winner for fiction is indeed a winner

I don't always agree with the judges' selections for the annual ScotiaBank Giller Prize for Fiction, but this year they nailed it. Book lovers can relate to the delicious feeling of being so engrossed in a good book that the rest of the world ceases to exist until that book is finished. That's how I felt reading Do Not Say We Have Nothing by Canadian author Madelaine Thien. On one hand I feel I'm wasting time buried in a book, but how is that possible when that same book is…

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What’s the deal with Canadian weather?

Have you ever known a group of people more obsessed with weather than Canadians? Perhaps it's because we have such a range of weather extremes and so much of it is shitty. From melt-your-smartphone humid summers to freezing sub-zero winters, we get it all. Maybe it's a throwback to our agricultural heritage when our farmer ancestors constantly agonized about whether it was too dry, too wet or too cold.  We all know farmers are never happy and they passed along the worry gene to future generations. The weather report and…

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Who doesn’t love the circus?

This is not about the new Trump administration, although they do share the elephant logo and are equally prone to bizarre acts of illusion and deception. It's about the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey variety of circus, which will soon be phased out because the high costs of production could not be recouped in ticket sales. I may be in the minority but I am not disappointed to see the end of circuses. As a child, going to the circus was never a fun and magical day for me.…

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“Odd” jobs build character and provide benefits that last a lifetime

Reading recently about the summer jobs various famous people had when they were young reminded me of my own assortment of "odd" jobs over the years. Singer Anne Murray worked as a maid at the Keltic Lodge in Cape Breton where her initiation included getting down on her hands and knees to scrub floors. As a result of her strict training in making beds, to this day she rips apart improperly made hotel beds and remakes them before climbing in. Victor Dodig, President and CIO of CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank…

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Sometimes . . . you just gotta have a hot dog

Deny. Deny. Deny. Not only was it Bill Clinton's favourite mantra, but too often our daily food choices are based on the dictates of healthy eating which are more about denying ourselves the pleasures of eating rather than indulging. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could live like Sumo wrestlers who equate big and fat with powerful and strong? Sadly, the dogma of healthy living is so ingrained in Boomers' brains that every time we enjoy a wonderful, heaven-sent slice of German chocolate cake, crispy bacon or a deliciously overflowing…

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What’s the ultimate price for Loving Frank Lloyd Wright

Don't you just love it when you get into a book you can't put down, but at the same time hate to finish because you've become so invested in the characters' lives? Loving Frank by Nancy Horan is such a book.  Historical fiction based on the real-life love affair between renowned prairie architect Frank Lloyd Wright and Mameh Borthwick Cheney, Horan provides a sensitive and gripping description of their relationship beginning when Wright was commissioned to design and build a house for Edwin and Mameh Cheney in Oak Park, Illinois.…

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