Never ever send your husband to the grocery store unsupervised

My husband has a thing for condiments. Does anyone else have this problem? Whenever I send him to the store he's like a menopausal woman let loose in a chocolate factory. Despite giving him strict orders to stick to the list, he'll come home with all kinds of weird and impractical goodies that you only get in those giant corporate gift baskets at Christmas. Just the other day we went to Sheridan Nurseries to pick out a couple of shrubs for our back yard and when we got home he magically…

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Are you as fed up with Hydro One and the Ontario Liberals as I am?

When I clicked to open my on-line hydro bill this morning, I nearly went into cardiac arrest. While clutching my chest, the first thing I had to do was check to see if the bill was for hydro or gas as the names sound the same and I'm always getting them confused—Enersource is for hydro electricity. Enercare is for gas. My bill has doubled in the last year, in part to pay for the gas plants fiasco. There's been a lot of backlash about mismanagement of this resource by the…

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Love is challenged during the early war years

Chris Cleave wrote Everyone Brave is Forgiven after finding his grandfather's letters to his grandmother written during World War II. Cleave's grandfather was stationed in Malta with Randolph Churchill, son of Winston Churchill during the siege that left the forces starving and without support. While the story is fictional, it is based on events spanning from the start of the war until June 1942. Mary North is the energetic eighteen-year-old daughter of a Member of Parliament when war breaks out in 1939. She immediately signs up for volunteer duty and…

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Live life in the present perfect

Jane Fonda chronicled her life in three acts in her best-selling autobiography Prime Time, with her current stage of life being Act Three.  We each have different ways of remembering, analysing and categorizing our lives to make sense of our journey. Retirement has also been broken down into three stages. The first, where many early Boomers are now, is when we have the resources to do what we've waited our entire lives for. This may include traveling, playing lots of golf or tennis, ladies white wine lunches or simply relaxing…

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Want to get inside Lucy Barton’s head?

After waiting many weeks to download My Name is Lucy Barton by Pulitzer prize-winning author Elizabeth Strout, I finally received the book from the library the other day—and read it in an afternoon. At less than two hundred pages it was a quick read but most of the context involved reading between the lines. Written in the first person, Lucy describes a lengthy hospital stay in New York City resulting from complications during a routine operation for appendicitis. Her two young daughters are taken care of at home by their…

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Something is rotten in the state of America

After watching my usual Real Time With Bill Maher on HBO last Friday night, I went to bed with a pain in my stomach that hasn't gone away. His guests included Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn, Ana Marie Cox, Ian Bremmer, Jack Kingston and America Ferrera. Lt. General Flynn has served in the Middle East; he's educated; he seems like an intelligent person. But he's a Trump supporter and one of his advisors. So is Jack Kingston who was the U.S. Representative for Georgia's 1st congressional district in Southeast Georgia,…

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