The Paris Librarian meets his Waterloo in mysterious circumstances

Any book with the word Paris in the title automatically goes on my "To Read" list. This has resulted in my venturing into murder mysteries which is not my normal choice for reading material and The Paris Librarian by Mark Pryor was a nice little break. American Embassy security agent Hugo Marston enlists the help of his librarian friend Paul Rogers at the American Library in Paris, to source rare and affordable books for his collection. When he learns Rogers is curating the papers of Isabelle Severin, a famous ex-pat…

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I never thought it could happen to me . . . but it did . . . and it could be you.

Just the other day I listened sympathetically to the story of how my ninety-one-year-old aunt had her purse stolen as she was loading her groceries into the back of her car last week at the supermarket (hopefully I have those genes that will allow me to still shop on my own and drive at ninety-one). It's a horrible experience for anyone much less someone in their nineties. Sympathetic as I was, I also felt a bit smug because I'm overly cautious about my own purse in public. I use a…

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Michael Moore brings home the bacon – but not Canadian-style

Why did it take me so long to finally get around to watching Michael Moore's documentary film titled "Where To Invade Next"? I've long been a fan of his insightful and hard-hitting films exposing what many Americans fail or more likely just refuse to see as truths. His tenacity and honesty challenges the myth that the United States is the greatest country in the world (when, in fact, statistics say it's Denmark). Moore's latest mission takes him to various countries around the globe to source and bring home practices not…

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Florence Foster Jenkins soars above her abilities

No actor does watery eyes and tears better than Meryl Streep and both are evident in her latest movie based on real-life personality Florence Foster Jenkins. What came as a bit of a surprise was how comedic Streep is, although she capably displayed this talent in Julia and Julia several years ago. After watching Florence Foster Jenkins I came home and immediately Google'd her name to find out more about this complex person. Born into a wealthy family, Florence displayed a particular talent for music and as a child once…

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The SEPTEMBER . . . and other irrelevant issues

Most magazines are no longer relevant to me, despite the fact I subscribe to eighteen each month. As a female Baby Boomer, I find it hard to source much in the wide, wide world of media that really rocks my world any more. In fact, with death of MORE magazine last spring and the cancellation of my favourite radio shows (What She Said on SiriusXM and The Judith Regan Show also on Sirius XM—damn you to hell, Sirius), combined with the absence of quality movies that appeal to our demographic,…

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Liar, liar, pants on fire!

A celebrity interviewer once asked Cher what quality she most detests in other people. Her answer was immediate and simple, "Lying." Cher holds honesty in high regard and the fact that that one question has stuck with me all these years later attests to its profound impact. I have always felt that lies, even tiny "white" ones have no place in daily life. Bear in mind that withholding the truth is not the same thing. For example, in order to not hurt someone's feelings, it's sometimes prudent to not tell…

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