The experts have weighed in on the Princess Margaret show home

It's time for my annual review of the Princess Margaret Lottery's multi-million dollar show home in Oakville, Ontario. I'll begin by saying that it always puzzles me why me and my Baby Boomer BFFs are never consulted on these projects. I've written to major commercial and residential housing developers and blogged about what we like and do not like, yet they continue to ignore us. Consequently, they end up designing and building retirement condos that don't have enough closet and storage space, no balconies suitable for sitting outside and barbecuing…

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Experiencing history through the occupants of The House By The Lake

The only thing I enjoy reading more than historical fiction is historical non-fiction and The House by the Lake* is one of those rare books that keeps you turning the pages even though you don't want it to end. Author Thomas Harding (the original family name was anglicized from Hirschowitz) chronicles his family's history in relation to a cottage in Germany built in 1929 by Harding's great-grandfather, Doctor Alfred Alexander. Located on a small lake about twenty-five miles southwest of Berlin in a town called Groβ Glienicke the cottage serves…

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The hairacy of the American election is predictible

Many years ago I read that the presidential candidate with the best hair always wins the American election. The evidence confirms that no bald guys (or gals) since Eisenhower have qualified and everyone from John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan to Bill Clinton seems to bear this out. More hair = more votes. There has been a lot of discussion about Donald's Trump's hair (or whatever it is) but, surprisingly, not much has been said about Hillary's hair. Ordinarily, as a feminist I would object to too much attention being…

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The Bridge Ladies will resonate with Boomer women

Mother/daughter relationships are as complex and varied as the romantic kind. Some are loving, understanding and supportive. Others are fraught with angst, accusations and animosity, and many land somewhere in between on the spectrum. In her memoir The Bridge Ladies, Author Betsy Lerner mines her relationship with her own mother through the lens of her mother's bridge club women who have played together for more than fifty years. Lerner describes her childhood and growing-up years in terms clearly relatable to Boomer women. Where our mothers were circumspect, played by the…

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The devil made me do it . . . and I’m not sorry

I just bought my first-ever Barbie doll. She's not for a grandchild, a niece or anyone else—she's all mine and her name is Hudson's Bay Barbie. For my non-Canadian readers, The Hudson's Bay Company is Canada's oldest department store, founded in 1670 as a trading post. The iconic striped blankets were like cash registers—with the black lines used for measuring the piled height of animal pelts (sorry fellow animal lovers) for trading merchandise by early trappers and settlers. Today, we're more sophisticated; we just pile cash and credit cards on…

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Kathleen Wynne has some serious ‘splainin’ to do

It's obvious from the current uproar on the internet and in the press that Ontario taxpayers are completely fed up with Kathleen Wynne and the hydro fiasco. I don't need to detail the frustration with our electricity bills doubling in the last year leaving many families forced to choose between allocating monthly budget money to electricity or food. What really galls us is that the Ontario government gives away surplus electric power to outside interests at the expense of taxpayers. Ontario produces more electric power than we can use. Taxpayers…

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