Want to start a successful business?

It's simple. Go into competition with Bombardier. They seem to have more business than they can handle, very little competition, a guaranteed source of financial handouts from various levels of gullible government and no particular business or management skills. Anyone can do better than that with a little business savvy, some creative thinking and an already available source of skilled workers. The recent news they were laying off 7,500 workers worldwide including 2,000 in Canada prompted me to repost a piece I wrote earlier this year about Bombardier. Here’s the…

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What on earth was The Hudson’s Bay Company thinking?

All I want for Christmas is not Mariah Carey. The marketing people at The Hudson's Bay Company should have their Canadian citizenship revoked. My sense of national pride has been replaced by outrage over their recent selection of American "superstar" Mariah Carey to unveil the new Christmas (yes, I said Christmas, not holiday) windows in their downtown stores at Queen and Yonge Streets in Toronto. Founded more than three hundred years ago as a fur trading institution, The Hudson's Bay Company (the Canadian equivalent of Macy's) is one Canada's oldest…

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How Boomers and Millennials strengthen and enhance each other

Guest Blogger: Holly Whitman My mom is insanely crafty. Always has been. Some of my best early memories involve coming home from school to see her sewing up Halloween costumes for me and my siblings. In my college years, the crafts continued, but the projects changed. When I'd visit home, I'd see her doing things like making scrub caps for her doctor friends and fellow nurses, crocheting stuffed animals from scratch and quilting baby blankets for friends. I wasn't the only one who loved her crafts. Before long, her colleagues…

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What’s the deal with selfies?

The rest of the world must have a whole lot more self-confidence than I do or perhaps they're just incredibly vain because I totally don't get everyone's preoccupation with taking pictures of themselves, a.k.a. selfies. I've tried it a couple of times and after seeing the results I needed trauma counselling. It's one thing to look at yourself in the privacy of your own bathroom mirror but something else to see yourself how others do. Unfortunately, this aversion to selfies excludes me from a number of potential career and lifestyle…

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Am I alone in my journey from the Age of Aquarius to the Age of Austerity??

Thanksgiving and Halloween decorations tend to morph together as autumn sets in. Canadians generally don't go as overboard as Americans with a front yard full of tombstones and skeletons hanging from trees (unless we still have young children at home) but we do like to acknowledge the harvest. Our front door hydrangea wreaths are replaced by fall apple wreaths and we arrange a few pumpkins on the front steps alongside a straw doll or two. A cornucopia of fake gourds and berries decorates the diningroom table and we dig out…

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Why are Americans so black and white . . . or red and blue?

The absolute and rigid loyalty of Americans to their respective political parties, whether Republican or Democrat is a mystery to me. It's just one of those things that makes Canadians different from Americans. Most Canadians will admit to voting left at times, other times for the right and most often safely down the middle depending on who is touting the best middle ground platform. We don't actually vote for our Prime Minister but instead have to consider each party's respective stand on issues we care about such as health care,…

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