Kathleen Wynne has some serious ‘splainin’ to do

Where on earth does the buck stop?
Where on earth does the buck stop?

It’s obvious from the current uproar on the internet and in the press that Ontario taxpayers are completely fed up with Kathleen Wynne and the hydro fiasco. I don’t need to detail the frustration with our electricity bills doubling in the last year leaving many families forced to choose between allocating monthly budget money to electricity or food. What really galls us is that the Ontario government gives away surplus electric power to outside interests at the expense of taxpayers. Ontario produces more electric power than we can use. Taxpayers have been conscientiously conserving for years and despite this, our costs to use are the highest in North America. I addressed our beefs in a recent blog (click here for Are you as fed up with Hydro and the Ontario Liberals as I am?). The more we conserve, the more we are penalized.

Wynne’s recent condescending concession of a reduction in the HST portion of our bills is insulting, inadequate and, frankly, laughable. Ontario Power Corporation/Ontario Hydro or whatever they call themselves these days has been a runaway train for generations, a virtual money pit with no accountability. Anyone who has lived in this province for any length of time is familiar with the obscene level of fat and waste surrounding hydro operations. I would have infinitely more confidence in our government if they’d ordered a complete third-party independent audit of OPG and its operations within and by the government, followed by a major purging of waste and inefficiency.

Don't under-estimate us. We've had just about enough!
Don’t under-estimate us. We’ve had just about enough!

The fact that we taxpayers seem to have no say over the mismanagement of our hydro dollars is a tragic testament to “government by the people”. Where are our MPP’s, our opposition party leaders, our government’s very conscience? Where is all our money going? Why are we paying more than any other jurisdiction in North America when supply is plentiful? Is there no accountability at Ontario Power or the provincial government? While low-income families feel the effects the most, all Ontario taxpayers should be contacting their MPPs and demanding action. It’s decades overdue. Don’t make us storm the Bastille, but we will if we have to.

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