For Trudeau . . . all the world’s a stage

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's previous experience as a high-school drama teacher is being put to good use these days as his career seems to be an endless series of photo-ops and fan selfies. We're delighted that our handsome, follicley gifted, young Prime Minister is recognizable on the world stage, represents our country well and seems to be in touch with current issues. However, perhaps it's now time he got out his pocket calculator and sat down to do some actual work, like Kevin Kline's character did in the movie about…

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Now’s the time for a great American President

Where's a John F. Kennedy or a Franklin Roosevelt when the American people really need one. After watching the Trump/Clinton debate last night, I came away with one thought: thank heaven I don't have to cast a vote in the American election. I wouldn't want to bear any responsibility for the future of the United States based on my choice on election day. Whatever the outcome, the results are going to be scary for the American people, although I would love to be proven wrong.  It's amazing how they arrived…

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Canadian author investigates the dark side

Supporting Canadian authors is easy when given books such as Black Feathers to read. I first heard about this book by Robert J. Weirsema when he was interviewed by Shelagh Rogers on CBC Radio. The central character is a sixteen-year-old runaway named Cassandra Weathers who turns up in downtown Victoria on Vancouver Island and is quickly absorbed into the street scene. She is befriended by Skylark who helps Cassie learn where to panhandle most effectively, where to sleep, where to get a shower and where to find a community of…

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Big Magic encourages our passions in a beautiful way

Anyone in need of some morale boosting or an injection of self-confidence and motivation should immediately pick up and read Elizabeth Gilbert's Big Magic, Creative Living Beyond Fear. The fact I enjoyed this book so much is made more significant by the fact I hated her earlier Eat, Pray, Love which I found to be elitist and rather boring. I never even finished it. She really struck a chord in this book, however, with her words of encouragement, relevant anecdotes and sound advice. My own personal passion is blogging, despite…

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“New research” proves what women always knew about hot flashes

Just like the Bristol Stool Chart which has seven categories to describe bowel movements, science has now miraculously come up with a similar grading system for the levels of hot flashes experienced by women in mid-life. It's called the SWAN (Study of Women's Health Across the Nation) study. This revelation is hardly genius or new as most women have known for centuries that there are different levels of suffering from whew to hose-me-down-immediately-before-I-ignite. For the record, here's what the experts came up with to describe the varying degrees of hot…

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The bad guys are everywhere. Be very, very careful.

It's not enough that we're constantly plagued by duct cleaning telemarketers, phone scams and fraud artists presenting themselves as agents of Canada Revenue Agency or our bank, we also have to endure the endless number of criminals trying to steal our on-line personal information. It's a virtual shark tank. In the past week alone I've received two potential threats to my on-line personal security (not including the theft of my wallet). The first email was someone claiming to be from Apple wanting to verify that I'd ordered from iTunes and…

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