‘Tis the season for the fashion fascists

It's spring once more in the world of fashion. That means it's the silly season—time for all the fashion magazines to roll out their latest advice for the great unwashed, the poor, vulnerable idiots like me who consult their hallowed pages for inspiration. Remember last year when they all suggested we should be wearing saucy little rompers or Daisy Duke short shorts? Like millions of other women, I love poring over the glossy pages of Vogue, Elle and similar magazines. The colourful eye candy tantalizes and tempts but rarely convinces.…

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It’s time to tune out . . . again

Every few months I experience a severe aversion to news media. The symptoms present as anxiety, temporary depression, frustration and anger. The solution is to once again (as Timothy O'Leary said)  tune out. I know I'm not the only one who gets sick and tired of all the bad news we are confronted with every day from various sources. The evening news on TV is a predictable, formulaic lineup of updates on never-ending wars, robberies, stabbings or gun violence, consumer rip-off scams, car accidents and the resulting traffic chaos, political…

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Breaking the rules in Russia could be fatal

Recommendations for good reading often come from unexpected sources. A few years ago I went to a bookstore for an evening of discussion about Rhonda Byrne's The Secret, a book I hated and found trite but was curious to see why it appealed to other people. Only two people turned up—me and one other lady. Even the speaker was AWOL. The evening was salvaged however when the other attendee and I had a cup of tea together and traded titles of great books we'd enjoyed recently. She wanted the names…

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Calling all purse and accessory lovers

It appeared like a mirage—clear but unexpected—a standing sign at the entrance to the Hudson's Bay store in Sherway Gardens Mall in Toronto, announcing the arrival of a new boutique carrying vintage designer purses and accessories. There was some disconnect in my brain as I knew Hudson's Bay didn't ordinarily carry Louis Vuitton, Gucci and other high-end designer brands so I was curious to investigate. Like a bee to honey, I followed my nose to the purse section and sure enough, there they were, tables of lovely handbags and accessories…

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The Meddler entertains, but barely

The Globe and Mail's movie review gave it three out of four stars but me and my gal pal panel who went to see it yesterday would only give it two out of four, and we're a pretty astute bunch. We enjoyed it, somewhat, but can't say any of us were overly impressed. And that's from four women who can strongly relate to the main character. Susan Sarandon stars as Marni, the Brooklyn-bred mother of Lori, played by Rose Byrne, who follows her screen-writer daughter to Los Angeles following the…

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To superbox or not to superbox our mail. . . that is the question

The studies and arguments pro and con for switching from home delivery to neighbourhood superboxes for our daily mail are never-ending. During the election campaign Justin Trudeau promised to retain home delivery but as we know, election promises are as reliable as wrinkle cream guarantees. Lots of hype and flashy packaging but ultimately useless. Boomers have generally earned enough life experience miles over the years to have seen a variety of strategies for delivering mail. Growing up in a small Ontario town of only thirty-five hundred people, we never had…

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