Here’s the solution to our problems with Bombardier

It's a perfect storm and has all the ingredients needed to launch a successful business enterprise—strong market demand for both present and future products, skilled, available workforce, existing manufacturing plants available for retooling, tested financial metrics and business case, shortage of reliable suppliers. All that's needed is smart management to pull it together and we're in business. Bombardier is a train wreck of back-ordered stock on a track to disaster. For years we've been enduring the ongoing saga of mismanagement, government bailouts, law suits and failure to deliver. They're being…

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Aboriginal problems are not theirs alone

After reading an editorial in The Globe and Mail this week written by a member of the Tyendinaga Mohawks of Bay of Quinte reserve near Belleville, Ontario, my knee-jerk reaction was a lack of sympathy. In writing "Why I won't leave my native home" the author mourns the loss of her aboriginal community when she moves to Hamilton, Ontario for a month. Describing her feelings of displacement associated with being taken away from her native fishing and hunting grounds and the proximity of family, combined with the shock of living…

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It’s time for some Boomer backlash

My world is collapsing. Just like my hair on a humid day or my self-esteem when I try on a bathing suit. I was devastated to hear that my favourite women's radio show, Whatever, hosted by Christine Bentley, Kate Wheeler and Sharon Caddy on Sirius Satellite Radio Channel 167 is being cancelled. (Click here to read Sirius. . . we have a problem.) Then, while I was still licking my wounds from that episode I received an email that my favourite magazine, MORE will cease publishing with the current April issue.…

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Mugs, toilet paper and other forgettable things

Aging Boomer brains, like aging computers inevitably experience system faults. It takes longer to boot up, the RAM and ROM seem seriously deficient, unfamiliar viruses are compromising the hard-drive and the memory seems slow to respond, overloaded or just plain frozen. And no amount of head-banging, foot-stomping and swearing seems to resolve things. I've recently developed a coping mechanism for this latter problem (memory), however, which is so effective I've decided to share. We've all experienced walking into a room to get something then can't remember what we came for.…

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Sirius . . . we have a problem

Once upon a time I thought paying fifteen dollars a month for a radio subscription was an absurd and wasteful idea. Then we purchased a vehicle that included six months of free access to commercial-free Sirius XM satellite radio and I became a convert—to the extent we now have three accounts, one for each vehicle and one for the house so I can pick it up on my iPad with a Bluetooth speaker. Being able to drive anywhere in North America without having to switch stations in search of a…

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Running With Scissors might not be good for you

As mentioned in earlier posts and book reviews, I love reading biographies and autobiographies. Some are inspiring (The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls), some are hysterically funny (anything by David Sedaris), some are humourously reminiscent (Baby Boom by P.J. O'Rourke), some are raunchy (How To Build a Girl by Caitlin Moran), some are informative (anything by the one of the Mitford sisters) and some are fascinating (The Bolter by Frances Osborne). After reading Augusten Burroughs's New York Times best seller Running With Scissors, the most appropriate descriptive word I can…

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