E-book readers to be reimbursed

As an avid reader, I was one of the first to purchase a Kindle e-reader when they originally launched several years ago. The benefits seemed obvious—fewer hard copy books to overwhelm my limited bookshelf space, easy access from my LaZgirl and most important, less expensive than paperbacks. That illusion was soon shattered when Amazon's original $9.99 price tag began creeping up to $14.99, $16.99 and even higher. Apple threatened to not carry the publishers' titles on iTunes if publishers didn't squeeze Amazon to match iTune's prices. In simple language, Apple…

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I just meant to eat the ears

Nothing beats a chocolate Easter bunny for breakfast on a Sunday. I should never have cracked that bit of foil over the ears because it set off an irreversible chain reaction of gluttony, slobbering and piggery that's making me feel sick. Before I knew it I was breaking pieces off the head, the shoulders . . . and well, you know, the rest. Easter chocolate is often the worst quality, tasting like a mouth full of brown chemicals melted together with sugary syrup that makes your stomach rebel, your teeth…

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The lack of hospice beds . . . our government’s shame and our future pain

A shocking statistic came to my attention the other day and left me wondering how we ever came to be in this situation. There are only a mere twenty (20) residential hospice beds in the Greater Toronto Area to serve nearly three million people. Those of us who have already struggled with trying to place family members in hospice facilities are familiar with this deplorable shortage of appropriate care facilities but others may not be and it's time someone got the attention of our government leaders to rectify the situation.…

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Madame Bovary shocked and disgraced her contemporaries

When Gustave Flaubert wrote Madame Bovary in the mid-nineteenth century, the book was considered obscene and the author was tried in a French court of justice for offences against morality and religion (an earlier version of the Everley Brothers' Wake Up Little Susie, which was banned in Boston a hundred years later on similar grounds). Otherwise, has romance really changed all that much? Young women leave the homestead when greener pastures beckon. They're mislead by romantic dreams of princes and luxurious lifestyles portrayed in popular novels and before long find…

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Heloise brings it home . . . again

The handy Hints From Heloise column in many daily newspapers is a source of endless entertainment. I've blogged about this in the past (click here for Hints from Heloise Live On). Sometimes her readers come up with great tips like the one about depressing the little cardboard tabs at either end of your aluminum foil or Saran Wrap dispenser to prevent the roll from popping out when you pull on it. That brilliant little tidbit was news to this old Boomer and has improved my life immensely. Every so often…

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Step right up . . . try my guaranteed cold remedy

Let me state clearly and up front that I am not a qualified medical practitioner so my words of advice are to be considered cautiously and not undertaken by children or anyone with health issues. However, after a lifetime of enduring the brutal head colds inherent in being Canadian, I've finally nailed the definitive solution to the problem and I'm now going to share this wisdom with you, the lucky readers of BOOMERBROADcast, absolutely free. Step right up and I'll let you in on the secret that could wipe out…

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