Who doesn’t like Christmas fruitcake?

Nothing's more satisfying than a thick slice of home-made dark Christmas cake with a cup of tea—except perhaps maybe a butter tart with a cup of tea, or a dark chocolate nut brownie or a . . . well, you get my drift. I think fruitcake gets a bad rap and I don't understand why people compare it to unsavory items like a brick or wallpaper. Properly made with fresh ingredients, a nice dose of rum or brandy and left to ripen for at least six weeks before devouring it…

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Better understand the challenges of Native Canadians on reserves

Sometimes we need to read a book that makes us feel uncomfortable and think about issues we don't ordinarily confront. Such is the case with Invisible North, The Search for Answers on a Troubled Reserve by Alexandra Shimo. I first saw her interviewed on The Social on CTV and found her story fascinating. The Toronto journalist temporarily relocated to Kashechewan, a reserve in northern Ontario that was in the news in 2005 when it was revealed their eighteen hundred residents were facing a crisis with drinking water contaminated with e-coli.…

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Where are real women in the media?

It's a man's world in the media. Earlier this year I wrote about SiriusXM radio cancelling my favourite women's programs (The Judith Regan Show, What She Said and The Martha Stewart Channel, click here to read Sirius, we have a problem). I'm seriously fed up with Sirius and wish they paid more attention to their women listeners. Then, in April of this year my favourite magazine MORE (for mature women) ceased publishing due to lack of advertising revenue (click here for It's time for some Boomer backlash). The dragnet is…

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Another Boomer earns his wings

The death of Alan Thicke hit me with a thud I didn't expect. The multi-talented Canadian had a fatal heart attack at the age of sixty-nine while playing hockey with his son Carter. It's not that Thicke was particularly iconic or important in my life, in fact I think it's the fact he flew below the radar that affected me so much. He was just a guy from Kirkland Lake who loved hockey and all things Canadian, who left home as most Boomers did after high school to seek their…

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Dear Santa: It’s me again, Lynda

Santa obviously didn't get my letter last year. Perhaps his internet was down. So I'm resending my message again this year in the hope that his service provider has restored his service: Dear Santa, c/o North Pole, Canada HOHOHO: It’s been more than sixty years since my last letter, but things have been a bit challenging this year and I thought I’d try to enlist all the help I can get to make this the best Christmas ever. First of all, thank you so much for the Monopoly game you…

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