One Canadian Boomer remembers

On the afternoon of November 22, 1963, our grade eleven history class at Campbellford District High School was interrupted by the principal with news that would eventually become perhaps the most defining moment in history for Baby Boomers. American President John F. Kennedy had been shot in Dallas, Texas. As soon as we got home from school, we stayed planted in front of our twenty-one-inch black and white television sets watching the drama of his death and funeral unfold over the next few days. Every form of media was dedicated…

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Who’s afraid of dying?

Back in the olden days (the seventies), when I still had a waistline, I read a popular book by Erica Jong called Fear of Flying. All I can remember about the book is that I found it overrated and I really didn't enjoy it. Am I the only person who didn't find the book worthy of the accolades it earned at the time and confirmed over the decades. Jong has now published another book that is particularly relevant to Boomers. Fear of Dying a work of fiction about Isadore Wing's…

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OKA speaks my kinda French

OKA Cheese is rerunning a commercial on television that cracks me up every time I see it (copyright prohibits me from attaching a link). It shows a couple dining in what appears to be a quaint French-Canadian inn or restaurant overlooking the St. Lawrence River. The man asks the waiter for some more of that wonderful cheese "that's dans my wife's bouche". It's a joy to see someone speak French with the same level of proficiency I possess. After five years of agonizing French classes in high school and more…

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Voicing my opinion on voices

  One of my first blog postings two years ago ( was about the changing speech patterns and diction used by many people today, particularly young women. Unfortunately, media is turning some of these people loose on the public and it hurts to listen to them. At the risk of generalizing, young women are particularly guilty of speaking with squeaky little-girl voices that make my ears bleed. I know that Melissa Rauch's voice (she plays Bernadette) on The Big Bang Theory is part of her character, but I can't stand…

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24 Sussex Drive? Git ‘er done!

Although I have yet to be personally invited to the Prime Minister's official residence at 24 Sussex Drive in Ottawa, as a partial owner (one-thirty-three-millionth of it is mine as a taxpayer) I feel I have a stake in how it's managed. It's scandalous that the wiring hasn't been updated since the 1950s and the entire structure is in need of a complete overhaul. I do find those portable air conditioners hanging from the third floor windows a bit unsightly but considering the home has no insulation, I can sympathize.…

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