Boomers will relate to The Intern

intern4If you’re a fan of movies with multiple earth-shattering explosions, alien attackers, juicy sex scenes or heart-stopping car chases, then The Intern is not your kind of movie. The fact that it was relatable by our demographic was just one reason to go see The Intern starring Robert DeNiro and Anne Hathaway. The other is obviously the popcorn and Diet Coke which is at least half the reason for going to the movies. When a seventy-year-old widower played by DeNiro becomes bored doing all the usual activities associated with retirement, he decides a return to the working world might energize him. He lands a job as personal assistant to the young, female C.E.O. of an upstart and rapidly growing e-com fashion business.

The plotline of The Intern is fairly predictable. Wise retired old guy embedded into crazy off-the-wall dot-com world of young millennials. Both sides learn valuable lessons from the other while experiencing ups and downs of life. Throw in some good visual gags, a bit of thoughtful dialogue and a pinch of humour and you have a worthwhile movie. The writing could have been better and I think they missed some opportunities for more humorous insights into the realities and challenges of being both retired and being young and upcoming. Producer Nancy Myers accomplished this in her earlier movie, It’s Complicated with Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton. Hathaway and DeNiro were excellent in fairly undemanding roles. He’s believable in an understated sexy retired guy kind of way and she’s mighty fine to look at whether you’re a man or a woman. While I doubt it’ll win any Oscars, it’s worth the trip to your local theatre if you like uncomplicated entertainment.


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