Mirror mirror on the wall. . .

The purchase started out as a cost-saving measure. Our bathroom is not particularly well-lit and when I gently suggested to my honey that we install a series of modern puck lights in the ceiling to even out shadows and provide better overall lighting for makeup application (a time-consuming and onerous task at my age), his response was predictably male. He immediately detailed the tiresome list of potential problems that could arise. We'd have to completely tear up the ceiling and lord knows what horrors that would uncover. We'd have to…

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What planet does Kathleen Wynn’s government come from?

Please tell me I'm not the only Ontario taxpayer who is enraged and disgusted that $3.7 million was paid to the Teachers' Union for negotiation costs. What on earth are union dues (which are no small sum) for? What's next? We pay the autoworkers to negotiate with GM? That's too much pizza for my taste. What planet does our Ontario Liberal government hail from? Certainly not the real world. And don't get me started on Ontario Hydro/OPG! Contact your local MPP and set them straight.

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Gretsky’s way off his game

Don't you find it ironic that Wayne Gretsky endorsed Stephen Harper in the recent federal election? Mr. Harper's government was responsible for the legislation that denied non-resident Canadians like Mr. Gretsky the privilege of voting in Canada. When the issue of whether Canadians who live outside the country should be denied the right to vote was in the news, we heard from various high-profile non-residents like Donald Sutherland who strongly objected to the new regulation. My initial reaction was that if you're Canadian you should have the right to vote…

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Working women – listen and learn from Jennifer Lawrence?

In earlier posts I've passed along various bits of wisdom gained during forty years in the corporate world. Some of that wisdom resonated with the recent revelation that Jennifer Lawrence's male co-stars had been paid considerably more than she was for her role in American Hustle. Meryl Streep has also been a strong vocal advocate of equal pay in the entertainment business. Here's an excerpt from Jennifer Lawrence's response when she found out she was the victim of gender discrimination in salary: Why Do I Make Less Than My Male…

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A nice little story set in Nice

Celia Imrie, the British actress who played Madge in the two Marigold Hotel movies, as well as acting in many other television shows, plays and movies including Calendar Girls, has written a book. I didn't realize she was also an author until I caught her guesting on BBC Canada's The Graham Norton Show the other night. When she described the book as being about women of a certain age (Boomers) relocating to Nice, France to escape their ungrateful offspring and the dreariness of London, it sounded like something right up…

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Politics is a dirty business

The current federal election, which should be a thoroughly rewarding and honourable component of democracy has turned into a mean, dishonest and insincere display of personal attacks. Politics has a sick hold on me but I'm so fed up with the current election rhetoric that I've had to stop watching the latest staged political photo ops and other propaganda on the nightly news. Apart from my disappointment in the pathetic carryings-on of our current candidates for federal office, I'm still smarting from the disgusting, disgraceful conduct of our politicians with…

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