The best investment I never made

It all started with The Bobbsey Twins, Trixie Belden and Nancy Drew, sixty years ago.
It all started sixty years ago with The Bobbsey Twins, Trixie Belden and Nancy Drew. I’ve been hooked ever since.

If you’re a voracious reader like I am, the cost of books can quickly land you in the poorhouse. At a cost of around twenty-five dollars for a hard-cover edition and slightly less for a trade paperback, it adds up. Combine that with the challenge of storing that vast inventory of hard-copy books in your already-jam-packed home and you have a dual dilemma. The solution is as simple as (more…)

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BOOMERBROADcast reader goes postal

Today I’m turning over my platform for a guest rant from Keith, a regular follower of BOOMERBROADcast. Here’s what he had to say:

postal2Canada Post is fading away. Not because people don’t want them or because the price of stamps is too high. No! It’s because Canada Post employees don’t give a damn! To get a letter from Burlington to Guelph, a forty-five minute drive, takes ten days.

Christmas cards arrive years late and packages disappear. Never mind the wrong mail in our boxes daily because nobody bothers to read the address. And who do you talk to? Nobody who cares that’s for sure. I think we should tie their salaries and pensions to performance. If they cared about what they do people would care as well and support them more. The more they go on strike the worse the service gets. For snowbirds to get mail forwarded from seasonal homes in the United States to Canada is FREE. To get mail re-directed the other way costs a bomb. And even when it’s set up and paid for Canada Post cannot seem to get the dates correct. (more…)

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Trainwreck is LOL

trainwreckAmy Schumer is right on track with her new movie Trainwreck. Unfortunately I missed the first fifteen minutes of the movie because I walked into Theatre 3 which started earlier than Theatre 6, where I should have been. Old ladies are prone to these bouts of confusion. I’ve been watching her Tuesday night show on the Comedy Channel and love her humour.

Trainwreck is a semi-autobiographical satire of Schumer’s own dating experiences. She’s (more…)

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The day the knowledge died

When I dropped Latin to take typing in high school, we were trained to type with both feet flat on the floor. To this day, if I cross my legs at the ankles when I'm "keyboarding", it scrambles my brain.
When I dropped Latin to take typing in high school, we were trained to type with both feet flat on the floor. To this day, if I cross my legs at the ankles when I’m “keyboarding”, it scrambles my brain.

When Baby Boomers pass from this world, a large chunk of knowledge unique to our generation will die with us. We represent the last generation who still knows what carbon paper was for, what it felt like and how to make it last longer. We are the last generation who learned to type on a manual typewriter—we still bang away on our feather touch computer keyboards with the strength and force of Serena Williams. And what about (more…)

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Understanding Stalin’s Daughter

stalin3Wow! What a book. Stalin’s Daughter by Rosemary Sullivan combines three things I love to read about—women’s lives, history and Russia. The book was heavy in detail as it follows the life of Svetlana Stalin over eighty-five years. True to the prediction of a palm-reader, her life was divided into three parts: her early years under her Father’s rule; her years as a young woman and mother, and her final years as a nomad following her defection to the United States in 1967.

Svetlana had some idea of her father’s power while she was growing up but (more…)

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