Do we really appreciate life’s little gifts?

A couple of days before Christmas when I was running around doing errands, something happened that has remained with me. It was a small, seemingly insignificant incident. As I left the bank, I decided to forgo a healthy lunch at Panera Bread and opted instead for McDonald's which is handily located next to the bank. I lined up behind a young man perhaps in his late twenties or early thirties, wearing a white shirt, tie, sports jacket and dress pants. I guessed he was probably on his lunch hour from…

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Sixty is not the loneliest number

This morning when I looked into my hated 10x magnification mirror I was horrified to see at least six new wrinkles on the side of my face that I swear to God weren't there yesterday. Such is life when you're in your sixties, a phrase and age which still sounds strange and unrelated to me, as my brain is happily operating in the sixties, the good old days of trim waistlines, mini-skirts (the first-time 'round) listening non-stop to the best music ever, and discovering sex. This mindset uniquely qualifies me…

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Mindy Kaling has earned her wings as best-selling author

I would sacrifice twenty years of my life for the ability to write like the talented Mindy Kaling.  As one of the writers and star of two successful television shows (The Office and The Mindy Kaling Project) as well as two best-selling books (Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me and Why not Me?), Kaling has earned her place at the front of the class. Until I read her most recent book, Why Not Me? I was only familiar with her name as I by-passed it in the TV guide or…

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Dear Santa: It’s me, Lynda

Dear Santa, c/o North Pole, Canada HOHOHO: It's been more than sixty years since my last letter, but things have been a bit challenging this year and I thought I'd try to enlist all the help I can get to make this the best Christmas ever. First of all, thank you so much for the Monopoly game you gave me in 1956; it went a long way in helping me understand the business world, the perils of borrowing money from the bank, and the importance of carefully managing my assets,…

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More fuel for my addiction

Am I the last person on the planet to discover the pleasures of reading the Sunday edition of The New York Times? As a voracious reader (click here to read Facing My Addictions) the last thing I need is another subscription to any kind of media, but I'm a hopeless print junkie and the Sunday Times is an addict's moveable feast. The cost of about $6.00 per issue seems steep but it lasts me all week and that's more value for my bucks than a Starbuck's double mocha light latte.…

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One Canadian Boomer remembers

On the afternoon of November 22, 1963, our grade eleven history class at Campbellford District High School was interrupted by the principal with news that would eventually become perhaps the most defining moment in history for Baby Boomers. American President John F. Kennedy had been shot in Dallas, Texas. As soon as we got home from school, we stayed planted in front of our twenty-one-inch black and white television sets watching the drama of his death and funeral unfold over the next few days. Every form of media was dedicated…

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