We’ll miss you, Phil

Baby Boomers are sad to hear today of the passing of Phil Everly, the younger of The Everly Brothers at the age of 74. I had the privilege of seeing them perform  three times - first in 1984 at what was then called The O'Keefe Centre in Toronto, again a couple of years later at Roy Thomson Hall and a bonus third time when they played four numbers during a surprise break in a Paul McCartney concert at Air Canada Centre. I remember loving their perfect harmonies as they serenaded…

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Hair today, gone tomorrow

Here baby, there mamahair1

Everywhere daddy daddy . . . hair!

Hair is a very complicated business whatever our type of hair – dark, fair, straight, curly, thick, thin. Whatever we have, we want the opposite.  Then there are the thousands of products available to supposedly give us the hair we’ve always dreamed of. Growing up, my whole family (more…)

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