Joy to the World . . . I got carded

Sadly, most Boomers are past the age we need to show I.D. when buying liquor. But at the other end of the scale, we now qualify for seniors' benefits in many establishments such as movie theatres and retail stores. The age requirement can vary anywhere from fifty to sixty-five depending on where you live and where the purchase is being made. When I first started dating my husband he would request seniors' tickets at the movies. Too vain and nervous to be questioned about my age at the time (I…

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Curses on Black Jack Cherry frozen yogurt

It's not my fault. My husband brought it home the first time, probably because he couldn't resist the name. Then, I made the mistake of tasting Black Jack Cherry frozen yogurt. It's a taste sensation unlike any ice-cream or frozen yogurt concoction I've ever tasted. Anything with nuts or crunchy things in it makes it doubly appealing as the chewing process makes it linger twice as long. Maple walnut, butter pecan, Rocky Road—they all qualify as gifts from heaven but there's something about Black Jack Cherry that puts it in…

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Blessed are those blessed Christmas newsletters

December means it's time to brace yourself for those ubiquitous Christmas newsletters that make the rest of us feel like losers. You know what I mean. "Dear Friends: 2014 has been a crazy-busy year but we're still here to count our blessings. As you know Rob has been researching cures for cancer and we're expecting a major breakthrough any day now. The grandchildren are all doing well and we're so proud of them. Little Logan came top of his grade three class and blew everyone away with his theories on…

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Hair, there, everywhere

Before you get too excited, this is not about Brazilian waxing. It's about multi-purposing products. If you've read my blog before, you know I have hair issues. As one who's follicley challenged I'm always complaining. In fact, my friend Terry said she's going to have "Finally she's quit complaining about her hair" carved on my tombstone. So, why is it I require a minimum of five different hair products to see me through my morning ritual: shampoo (from a variety of formulas depending on my current crisis), conditioner, styling mousse,…

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It’s time for a change in attitude

Sheila Copps, Oprah Winfrey, Rufus Wainwright, Fran Drescher, Terri Hatcher and Meredith Viera are just some of the names of high-profile individuals who have admitted to being victims of sexual abuse or rape. Add to them to the list of victims speaking out against Bill Cosby and Jian Ghomeshi who are only two of the high-profile names of perpetrators. Sexual abuse of both genders has been rampant since the beginning of time. But victims now have an ally—social media. One up-side of the recent exposure of these crimes is the…

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And the winner is . . . Eddie Redmayne

When we went to see "The Theory of Everything" at the movies last night, I was expecting a nice little story about love conquering all difficulties. What we got was a thought-provoking, skillfully acted and beautifully filmed story about physicist Stephen Hawking's personal journey from being a promising young student at Cambridge University in England through to mid-life and recognition around the world. Diagnosed in 1963 at the age of only twenty-one with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) or Lou Gherig's Disease as it is commonly known, he was given two…

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