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There is a variety of Moroccan oil products on the market. Take your pick.
There is a wide variety of Moroccan oil products on the market. Take your pick.

Before you get too excited, this is not about Brazilian waxing. It’s about multi-purposing products. If you’ve read my blog before, you know I have hair issues. As one who’s follicley challenged I’m always complaining. In fact, my friend Terry said she’s going to have “Finally she’s quit complaining about her hair” carved on my tombstone. So, why is it I require a minimum of five different hair products to see me through my morning ritual: shampoo (from a variety of formulas depending on my current crisis), conditioner, styling mousse, hair spray and Moroccan argan oil.

The other day as I lined up my five bottles of hope and salvation on my bathroom counter, I marvelled at what a product junkie I’ve become. Actually this has been a life-long battle but perhaps there’s hope in sight. After I massage a bit of Moroccan argan oil into my over-processed highlights, I use the residue on my fingertips to apply to my eye area. Can’t hurt. Then, one day I took it a step further and squeezed a bit more out of the bottle and massaged into my wrinkled sports-sock-like old neck. Hmmm. The results were rather delicious. Next thing I knew, I was applying it to my scaly old legs, feet and arms. And again, the results were quite impressive.

Oils have become the new go-to for beauty miracles (see my earlier blog on the issue) since BB and CC creams reached critical mass. Every company is now marketing a line of oil-based products for whatever your ailment. The true beauty of it, however, is that my Moroccan argan oil is a two-fer, three-fer or more-fer for a variety of beauty issues. I can now dispense with separate expensive eye creams, neck creams, body butters, foot creams and cuticle oils and wrap the job up with one go-to product—Moroccan argan oil. And if you’re into Brazilian waxing, I’ll bet it feels great there too. I’ll just take your word for that one.

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Susan Duke
Susan Duke
8 years ago

Now I know what to ask Santa for Christmas. My aging body thanks you.