Support is growing for truth in advertising

Another women's fashion business has aligned itself with a growing list of companies pledging to not drastically alter images of their models in print and website advertising. On-line retailer ModCloth, based in San Francisco has promised to not "materially change the way a person looks" other than for such things as to erase flyaways in a hairdo or correct bad lighting. No longer will their models' shape, skin colour or physical proportions be altered through computerized editing techniques such as PhotoShop. Well, that's a breath of fresh air. Their clothing…

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It is written, therefore it is . . . retained

Albert Einstein was once asked a simple question for which he did not have the answer. The world-renowned genius' response was, "I don't clutter my head with things that can be found in a book.".  I knew there was a reason that story has stayed with me. And I certainly don't clutter my head with anything I can do without. The journal Psychological Science reports that tests on university students who hand-wrote their class notes instead of typing them on a laptop had better retention of what they were learning.…

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Grasping at skinny straws for solutions

Boomer broads are never at a loss for excuses about we're always a few (or more) pounds overweight: I'm big-boned; it's hereditary; it's my thyroid; I don't have time to exercise, or simply, I just love cookies and ice-cream. Well, my dears, your Boomerbroadcaster has come through with the definitive word on why it's not our fault. It all has to do with city planning. You see, a recent research study of twenty-four cities in California by several university engineering professors concluded that the reason we're all becoming obese and…

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To “e” or not to “e”, that is the question

Digital e-readers are becoming increasingly more popular and are available in different devices to suit most individual preferences and pocketbooks. A divide does exist, however, between those who have embraced the new technology and those who prefer the traditional hard or soft-cover paper version. I have one foot firmly planted in each camp. On one hand, I love the convenience of downloading books from a retailer or the library from the comfort of my LaZ-Girl chair with a lovely cup of tea at my side. On the other hand, I'm…

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Giving women support where it counts

There's a little shop in downtown Cambridge, Ontario called WIGG  (Women's International Gift Gallery) at 55 Dickson Street that is worth the drive to Cambridge.  Affiliated with the YWCA, all proceeds from the shop are directed to providing sustainable programs that serve women and their families in the Cambridge community, and cultivate a society where women are respected, valued and are equal. Celebrity decorator and stylist Lynn Spence, who owns a home in Cambridge threw her support behind the shop this past Saturday by working in the store to help…

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These boots are made for workin’

Sometimes entering a radio contest pays off as it did for me a couple of weeks ago when I e-mailed my entry to a contest on Sirius Satellite's What She Says program that runs every morning on CBC Talk Radio, Channel 167 starting at 10:00 a.m. I always enjoy the topics covered by hosts Kate Wheeler, Christine Bentley and Sharon Caddy Their guests are interesting and the topics of discussion are of interest to women as well as men. In promoting a line of work boots designed specifically for women,…

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