Hey – look up!

This morning's essay in The Globe and Mail, "Snickering at the eternal Footman" by Randy Brown got me thinking about the general apathy I see today. When we Boomers were in our 20s, navel gazing was considered a waste of time. Getting out there and doing something was our mantra whether it took the form of getting an education or a job, expanding our circle of friends, backpacking around Europe or marching in protest to a variety of issues we did not agree with. It appears to me that everyone…

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Tipping my hard hat to one of the best

Today's post is a tribute to my old alma mater, EllisDon Corporation. Geoff Smith, President of ED was in Monaco  (yes, the real one, next to Italy) last week representing Canada's nomination for International Entrepreneur of the Year, in a prestigious award ceremony hosted annually by Ernst & Young. That's serious recognition and one EllisDon can be justifiably proud of. When I joined the firm in 1971, I'd never even heard of the company. At that time they completed $65 million in new construction each year and there were only…

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Watch what you feed your best friend

Pet food and treats is an issue that seems to be worth mentioning again as I just read that Costco is still carrying pet treats that have been responsible for kidney failure in animals. There are a number of treats that should be avoided but the most problematic seem to be the ones imported from Asia. There are no federal controls on the content or labelling of pet foods and treats so be very careful about what you feed that special member of your family. I personally know two people…

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Fathers and the family tree

My 88-year-old Dad just planted a new variety of apple tree in his back yard because he "likes to watch them grow and bear fruit". He already has several fruit trees and enjoys nurturing them through the various seasons. He's had some success with grafting and at one point had four varieties of apples on a single tree. Obviously he doesn't put much stock in the old adage about not buying green bananas. After all, my parents only go grocery shopping once a week so bananas have to be green…

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More geezer pleasers please

Last week my guy and I went to see The Grand Seduction, a light-weight movie about the efforts of the residents of a remote Newfoundland harbour community to attract a doctor. If they could land a doctor then they could convince investors to build a waste disposal facility to provide jobs for locals no longer employed in the fishing industry. As fans of Rick Mercer and 22 Minutes on CBC and going back even further to CODCO, we both love Newfie humour—smart, sharp and usually deftly delivered. Although a bit…

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Not fooled by vanity sizing

There is no way on earth I'm a size 6, despite the fact that my Not Your Daughter's Jeans and Club Monaco summer pants bear a label that says I am.  Blame it on a sly marketing technique called vanity sizing.  That's when clothing manufacturers cheat a bit by lowering the size number to make buyers feel better and more likely to purchase. At the present time I weigh 10-15 lbs. more than I did in my heyday yet I'm two sizes smaller than 30 years ago? Math is definitely…

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