Don’t never talk to strangers

Yes. It's a double negative, intentionally. Now that I'm retired and not rushing head-down in a panic all the time, I have more time to observe life and in particular, to people-watch. This new preoccupation has led to an increase in my engaging strangers in quick conversation which usually takes the form of a comment as I'm passing by. Food courts seem to be particularly conducive to making new friends. Yesterday as I was enjoying my fast-food lunch at Sherway Gardens, I kept watching the young woman sitting at the…

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Build it and Boomers will come

As a Beta Boomer I'm at the front edge of Baby Boomers entering retirement years. We're a different kettle of sashimi from earlier generations and the type of accommodation we're looking for as we age is very specific and practically non-existent. In metropolitan areas such as Toronto and Vancouver, the land and real estate prices work against us but that's often exactly where we want to be so we're close to hospitals, doctors, entertainment, friends and family. I tried living in cottage country for several years (in two different locations)…

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My heart goes out to Sarah Millican and everyone else who isn’t a size 0

Jann Arden tweeted the other day about British comedienne Sarah Millican being trashed for wearing a particular dress while making a presentation at the BAFTA Awards (similar to the Gemini's in Canada and Emmy's in the U.S.) that was deemed by the pond scum who think they are the last word in fashion to be unflattering. For those of you who are not familiar with Sarah Millicen, she's brilliantly funny, self-deprecating, pretty and genuinely nice. What more is necessary? I've had the good fortune to catch her guesting a couple…

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The fashion world is a sea of “don’ts”

Fashion is a fickle mistress. And do not believe the so-called fashion experts and stylists know what they're talking about. I'm a huge fan of The Marilyn Denis Show but some of their fashion advice makes wonder what their fashion advisors have been smoking. Alexis Honce is an example of why Sears is going bankrupt. (And, she needs serious voice coaching to get rid of that ear-shattering nasal whine.) Marilyn, girlfriend, you have a great figure and we understand that you have waistline issues like the rest of us (especially…

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Capital pays high interest

There's nothing more delicious than tucking into a really good book on a cool, cloudy afternoon. That's what I did today and finished  reading John Lanchester's "Capital", a book about the lives of a cross-section of Londoners faced with 21st century problems in their everyday lives. The book's title references money and how the high price of real estate in a London neighbourhood is a catalyst in each of the characters' lives. The homes on Pepys Road which were affordable when they were built now command insane sums of money.…

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Gardiner Expressway problem solved

Who is the genius responsible for the handling of road construction work in the Toronto area? In my opinion there is absolutely no reason the Gardiner Expressway reconstruction and rehabilitation work has to take two years. For that matter, why does any road construction take so long? Have you not been tempted to scream in frustration as you sit in a traffic jam on the 401 across Toronto observing several lanes of traffic being funneled down to two narrow lanes—and no one is working on the bloody construction? My corporate…

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