Art and music in perfect harmony

Normally I don't even open the touchy-feely e-mails that frequent our in-boxes, but something about this one made me double-click.It's Don Maclean singing his  famous song from 1971 written as a tribute to Vincent Van Gough, after reading his biography. I had not realized the source of inspiration for the song and it now touches me in a way not previously realized. Skip the ad at the beginning. Thank you Susan for sending me this. Enjoy.

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Sue Monk Kidd scores again

Movies adapted from books never seem to properly capture the nuances an author conveys with the written word. While the world enjoyed the movie, “The Best Deborah MoggachExotic Marigold Hotel” with Judi Dench and a great cast of talented Brits, it paled in comparison to the original book “These Foolish Things” by Deborah Moggach. (more…)

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