It was a very good year

It really is the little things. As Boomers reflect on our lives and the past year in particular, don't you find it's not the material rewards that give us as much enjoyment as such simple pleasures as laughing with friends, enjoying a warm, sunny day or the taste explosion from the first bite or sip of our favourite food or wine. Closing the final page of a wonderful book always fills me with such sweet pleasure. While I hate to leave the story that I've become so much a part…

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Boomers – not yet antiques but not without value

Technically an item must be one hundred years old to qualify as an antique. But as I watched the Boomer edition of Antiques Roadshow on television the other night it became clear that while our childhood treasures may not rank up there with nineteenth century impressionist masters, our crap definitely has value. The special episode featured Baby Boomers and their off-spring bringing in items they found, inherited or simply claimed. One such item was a custom-made left-handed 1955 Fender Stratacaster electric guitar that had been ordered for the owner's father…

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Freeze fat away

An article in the December 2014/January 2015 issue of MORE magazine had my little heart beating with excitement. According to MORE, my fat comes in three colours (brown, beige and white) and by changing beige or white fat to brown fat I could get skinny again. Well, you know the old saying, "if it sounds to good to be true . . ." but I did manage to salvage some hope from the premise. To back up a bit, brown fat is good fat, like good HDL cholesterol. White fat…

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All we want is the whole truth and nothing but the truth

The current "he said—she said" flap about the economic viability of Ontario's Smart Meters has me totally baffled. Should I or shouldn't I have a smart meter?  Who should I believe? The Auditor General for Ontario, Bonnie Lysyk or the Hon Bob Chiarelli, the Minister of Energy for the provincial Liberal government? The premise seems quite simple. According to Ontario Power, here's what new digital Smart Meters do: Measure how much energy you use and when you use it Send your meter readings, automatically via wireless technology Eliminate the need…

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For a look inside the life of sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll, read on . .

Caitlin Moran's books aren't for everyone. Moran is a British columnist, interviewer and broadcaster who authored How To Be A Woman, an account of her life growing up in the Midlands in northern England. She dropped out of high school and became a rock music critic in London. Her latest fictional book entitled How to Build a Girl draws heavily on this background of working class family with many children. This book is not for the squeamish. Moran's main character, Johanna Morrigan is an exceptionally precocious overweight fourteen-year-old who uses…

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Blowing off Boomers

Emma Teitel is regular columnist in Maclean's Magazine who represents the voice of Canadian millennials, in case the rest of us don't hear their whining. Her contribution to the December 22, 2014 issue entitled "Boomers: Do as I say, not as I did" had smoke coming out of my ears. Teitel condemns the new Ontario law that bans smoking on restaurant and bar patios and the sale of tobacco products on college and university campuses. She attacks self-righteous Boomers for instituting a "nanny-state" that selectively denies millennials and young people…

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