Last week I toured the Princess Margaret Lottery’s new home in Oakville. This year’s model was particularly interesting because the interior was designed by Brian Gluckstein whose taste is always impeccable.

oakville_fullImgThere was one major item that disappointed me, however, and it’s the same every year. Why oh why oh why do they always put the laundry room in the basement? Perhaps if you have live-in help that would explain it but even with help, someone who can afford a house like that could afford a second laundry room on the second floor handy to the master suite so the lady of the house doesn’t have to hike miles to wash her frillies. The well-appointed laundry room included a big flat-screen TV to keep you entertained while you spool sheets and table cloths through the Miele electric mangle for professional-looking pressed linens. The laundry room is located in the northeast corner of the lower level (aka basement) while the master suite is located at the opposite end of the house in the southwest corner of the second floor. Why can’t they corral a few square feet to add a laundry room on the second floor?

Otherwise, the place is truly a dream home. The kitchen and family room have huge south-facing windows for plenty of light and observing the seasons. The back yard is efficient and beautifully landscaped. And it backs onto a church parking lot so privacy is assured.

If you visit the home, be sure to wear socks. I was wearing sandals and had to tramp around in my bare feet with my shoes in a bag which made me uncomfortable. Understandably, they want to keep the floors and finishes clean.  And while you’re at it, buy a ticket or several to support the Princess Margaret Hospital. There are zillions more prizes.

Lynda Davis

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