Wait ’til the midnight hour . . .

Wilson Pickett had big plans back in 1965 when he suggestively rocked out “In the midnight hour”. He was “gonna take you girl and hold you, and do all theWilson Pickett things I told you. . .” ? Fifty years later things are a little different. I’m embarrassed to confess we may be home in bed asleep when we hit the midnight hour this New Years’ Eve. Is it 2014 already? (more…)

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Dear Mr. Gates. It’s me again – Lynda

I wrote you a while ago about the difficulties involved in keeping up with changing technology (http://boomerbroadcast.net/2013/12/04/dear-mr-gates-and-the-rest-of-you-bds/#more-1029). While I love all the new advances we’re making, it’s getting  harder and harder for me to cope. And I do not see why you cannot make things better. (more…)

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Now I have to worry about my liver too

The liver is a very important organ and one I always took for granted – assumed because it didn’t hurt and everything else seemed to be ticking along, we were in good shape. Not necessarily so. Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to read the newspaper or watch the news on television. The news just gives me something else to worry about and I consider worrying a useless, wasteful expenditure of energy. (more…)

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